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German Aggression Begins

Read your text Chapter 14.1 p437 - 438 & write your thoughts on the event organizer (#10 on Rise of Hitler Page)

*Rebuilding the Army Retaking the Rhineland Annexation of Austria Crisis Over the Sudetenland Grabbing Some Lebensraum?*(Your thoughts??)
Anschluss: Nazis take over Vienna , Austria
Anschluss: Nazis take over Vienna , Austria
Nazis in Czechoslovakia
Nazis in Czechoslovakia

  1. Go to the link provided to learn more/rediscover major events of World War II in Europe and North Africa.WWII Interactive site
  2. Complete the Dialectical journal regarding what you have learned and attach it to your wiki.

Know your terms 14.1 -

In Your Own Words - In a paragraph, describe the situation in the Sudetenland. How was the problem resolved and what were the ramifications of this "resolution" What was meant by appeasement? More on appeasement

Chamberlain & Churchill


Use the map in your text p. 439 to chronicle German aggression. Where did the Nazis go first and what were the results?
Describe the nature of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact(Soviet-Non Aggression Pact) using this I See/It Means
Modern History Sourcebook: The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, 1939

A Closer Look at the Invasion of Poland

Add to your I See/It Means - What did the Soviets have to gain from their agreement with Hitler?

Western Europe - Axis Aggression- Discussion to follow

Vichy France
Vichy France



The War Affects North AmericaBundles_for_Hirohito.JPG

Return to the
WWII Interactive Site in order to look at selected events in North America to include on your Interactive Site Journal- North America
Here are some video clips to consider as well...
Battle of Britain & Lend-Lease

Real Footage -aftermath of Pearl Harbor
Japanese View of Pearl Harbor Dec 7th 1941 here


War in the Pacific

Which one is my Dad?( Pearl 1944)

Continue with World War II in Asia

List of Japanese Aggression 1941

Guadalcanal: "The Pacific" Sgt. John Basilone
Saipan June 15, 1944 - Real Footage & Soldiers comments
Pelelieu Landing Sept 1944 - "The Pacific" Eugene SledgeIwo Jima - "Flags of Our Fathers" Feb 1945
Okinawa April 1945 "The Pacific" Eugene Sledge

Dad at Wake Is - 1944
USS Macabi destination: Guam 1945 - then ?