Image Detective - Who? What? Where? Why important to know
My connections to this TWA Hijacking.......to follow.

ABC News - Syria Helps to Negotiate Hostage Crisis
More info on this hijacking

Essential Questions:
  • EQ 1. Does one country have the right to intervene in the affairs of another?

  • EQ 2 Can the end justify the means?

    EQ 3 Is it possible to be completely objective?

  • EQ 4 How can conflicts in one part of the world impact the rest of the world?

  • EQ 5 How can fear impact actions?

Terrorism Acrostic Poem

"Terrorism is neither new nor confined to Middle East or Islamic Extremism”
“While terror has often been a weapon of the less powerful against the state…. States have also used it as a weapon to intimidate populations and weaken/destroy political opponents.”

Choices Program - Brown University

More on Defining Terror
2 column note 602-604

Remembering September 11th, 2001 -

Oral History Project - Remembering Sept 11th
Teaching 9/11 through Oral History
9/11 Interview Rubric

911 Digital Archive
September 11 Memorial

9/11 Interactive Timeline

Survivor Tree
9/11 Memorial Pools
Tribute in Light
Documentary: The Miracle of Stairwell B
9/11 - As It Happened - 18 min.
Pres. Bush Addresses the Nation
Pres. Bush to Congress - Sept 20
Man In Red Bandanna
Simulation of Pentagon Bombing 9/11
Flight 93 Memorial Dedication
Portraits of Resilience - up to 11:46 min
external image 51b1MkZg6gL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg


September 11, 2013

Benghazi Libya
Ambassador Stevens' Mother Speaks Out

  • "The U.S. today, as a result of the arrogant atmosphere, has set a double standard, calling whoever goes against its injustice a terrorist. It wants to occupy our countries, steal our resources, and impose on us agents to rule us."
  • Osama bin Laden - 1997

Open Letter - Questions
Bin Laden's Open Letter to America - Full Text

rare Interview with Bin Laden

Map of Middle East & North Africa -
New Head of al-Qaeda

Munich Olympics 1972 - Birth of Modern Terrorism

Black September
Black September

Understanding Munich

Choices Reading Munich

ABC News Broadcast of Munich Olympics
Mark Spitz - 1972 Olympics

Timeline of Modern Terrorism

Create a timeline of Modern Terrorism comprised of visual of terrorist events. Beginning with the Munich Olympics. This can be done using a poster/paper or electronically with timerime, timetoast, prezi or google presentations.Timeline Assignment
What to include
  • Where & When it occurred
  • What group was responsible for the event
  • What form of terrorism was demonstrated in the event ( bombing, hijacking etc.)
  • What was the motive for the event
  • What were the end results of the act
Note: Your events may be classified as either Domestic or International Acts of Terrorism - Review the FBI definitions for help clarifying the difference. Another thing to watch for: Do the perpetrators of the event have ties to a government? Could the event be considered "state sponsored with non-state actors" referring to comments of Michael Bhatia - former Choices Expert.
Timeline Rubric
Timeline Event Organizer

Choices Booklet Article: Brown University Press

Freedom Fighters vs. Terrorists

Can we ever define terrorism?

Complete the Questions & the Graphic Organizer

Experts Weigh in....Choices - Terrorism Unit
link to political cartoons - choices

Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?

Choices Video: Terrorist or Freedom Fighters
external image chechnya_dagestan_russia_map_20130419_mn.jpg
external image chechnya_dagestan_russia_map_20130419_mn.jpg

Choices Experts "Terrorists or Freedom Fighters
"One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"
Listen & record the opinions of 3 scholars. Then write your reaction
Thomas Nichols
US Naval War College
Gist of his Opinion
Your Reaction/Opinion
Michael Bhatia
Watson Institute
Gist of his Opinion
Your Reaction/Opinion
James Green
Brown University
Gist of his Opinion
Your Reaction/Opinion

Case Study: Kenyan Mall - Freedom Fighters or Terrorists?
  • Follow link and identify the key events - Use the tab on the left to help you line up the chronology of events -
  • Write brief statements about the 5 tabs
  • What are the causes & effects according to the sources?
  • Freedom Fighters or Terrorist, you decide. Explain your answer using evidence from the sourceexternal image kenya.gif
  • Who are Somalia's al-Shabab?
  • What motivates al-Shabab?
  • map of Somalia

Terrorism Response Task Force
Goal: You and your advisers are to determine the extent of the threat to the United States from international terrorism as well as the best way to deal effectively with that threat. In order to fully research and prepare a proper report, you need to:

  1. Identify the groups most strongly linked to terrorism activities.
  2. Be able to identify the goals and objectives of each group as a means of providing the committee with as much pertinent information as possible.
  3. Be able to explain why the western world has been the target of so much terrorism both domestically and internationally.
  4. Evaluate the different means of responding to the global threat of terrorism and make a recommendation on the most viable course of action for combating terrorism

Role: Special Adviser to the President/ Analyst for the NSA’s Counter terrorism Unit

Audience: President Obama and Joint Chiefs of Staff

Situation: You have just been handed a copy of a press release from the NSA. Included in this document is the bureau's latest summary of the threats to the United States national security. As advisers to the President/NSA’s Counter terrorism Unit, it is your team's job to analyze all aspects terrorist threats and to provide concise summations in the form of threat assessments. You and your team must determine where and when the next wave of terror might strike and who the guilty parties might be. Most of what you do today and in the future will be known only to yourselves, but the impact of that work will last for generations by securing the safety of our country and its citizens. It is with great excitement that we await your report. The committee thanks you for your hard work and dedication.

Product: You will create a report for the president advising him on the threat level of each group and how best to address each threat. Be sure to relate all research to the idea of threat assessment, basing your summations on what you perceive to be the major threats. Your report may be in the form of a digital presentation or a written format as long as it includes all the required elements listed below. Keep in mind each group might pose a different level of threat and the recommended response should be relative to that threat.

Utilize your time in this way:
  1. Identify and list terrorist groups.
  2. Determine the goals and objectives of each group as they relate to its activity (e.g: why they do what they do).
  3. Recommend the most viable course of action to combat terrorism and prepare a well-supported presentation of your recommendation.
  4. Prepare your findings in both written and oral forms. Since the committee's time is limited, you and your team need to be prepared to speak before the NSA’s Counterterrorism Unit and provide the necessary information so it can prepare policy.
You may choose from the following list:



Al Qaeda


Boko Haram


Chechen Activists

FARC (Columbia)


Useful Resources for CEPA Terrorism Research

__US Dept of Homeland Security__
__US Dept of State - Counterterrorism__
Council on Foreign Relations - Terrorism

Presentation Rubric
Persuasive Writing Rubric

Goal - International Committee on designation of Terrorist Status will meet to designate "Terrorist" or "Freedom Fighter" status on a selected number of organizations
Role - You are an international terrorist expert
Audience - You are writing a report for UN delegate who will represent your country at the United Nations Special Committee on Terrorism
Situation - It is the year 2013 this is an independent committee drawn from all over the world. Your report will be used to shape the United Nations' next meeting on Terrorism
Product - You will write a persuasive “position” paper in which you argue whether your assigned organization is a Terrorist or Freedom fighter organization.

Organizations to be considered

FARC (Colombia)
Tamil Tigers
Chechen Rebels
The I.R.A
Boko Haram

see the page for list of groups student work

US Dept of State - counterterrorism
US Dept of Homeland Security
Council on Foreign Relations - Terrorism
MHS Links for Conducting Research


CEPA Group Presentation Worksheet

Group Presentations

  • All members are present & presenting
  • State your arguments clearly & in loud voice for audience to understand
  • Do not read to us!
  • Visuals support your presentation but do not take over the presentation

Presentation Rubric


Choices Reading - Who is ISIS?
BBC- What is Islamic State?
  • Rise of ISIS from radical faction of Al Qaeda - Jordanian ties -
  • ISIS Notes
BBC - Philip Hammond Says No to IS
  • Is the enemy of my enemy my friend? Yes or No?
WSJ - Iraq: ISIS Sparks a Middle East Crisis - Explained

Recent Executions by ISIS Fall of 2014 to early 2015

external image 509565-5421ade6-2806-11e4-943a-734490773104.jpg
  • James Foley - American journalist - beheaded - Syrian Desert
external image _77357879_sotloff-1.jpg
  • Steven Sotloff - American-Israeli journalist - beheaded - Syrian Desert
external image _78004100_023999046.jpg
  • Alan Henning - British humanitarian aid worker - beheaded - Syrian Desert
external image cantlie-1_3061418c.jpg
  • John Cantlie - captured by ISIS along with Foley - still believed to be alive - Has been featured in ISIS produced propaganda videos-*during the 5th video - Cantlie told the audience that this video would be his last - this leads to speculation whether he is still alive or not
external image 1410805047055_wps_3_David_Haines_44_year_old_.jpg
  • David Haines - British humanitarian aid worker - beheaded - Syrian Desert
external image kenji-goto.jpg
  • Kenji Goto - Japanese journalist beheaded - Syrian Desert
external image kayla-jean-mueller-4.jpg
  • Kayla Mueller - American humanitarian aid worker in Syria - taken as sex slave of Baghdadi - reportedly killed in air strike - this is disputed by escaped Yazidi women who were also sex slaves of ISIS
external image 25506DCC00000578-2941123-Clean_cut_26_year_old_Moaz_al_Kasasbeh_is_seen_wearing_his_pilot-a-13_1423167731701.jpg
  • Moaz al Kasabeh - Jordanian pilot - burned alive in a cage - Syria

ISIS - Who are they?
Call for Mercy for Hostage - Alan Henning
Introductory video link
Iraq Map
CNN Coalition Task Force strikes
Who is leading ISIS ( now referred to as IS)
Around the World, Mixed Reviews US Led Airstrikes Syria
US Told Iran Intent
Legality on Counter terrorism
Obama Change of Policy - Syria
UK meets Iran Over ISIS

Frontline: Dealing With ISIS

Col- Shaffer & Hunt - Fighting ISIS

More ABC news videos | ABC Entertainment News
Alternative Viewpoint to Khorasan
US/Pres. Obama in Iraq - commentary

Choices - Political Cartoons
Link for political cartoon visuals only

ISIS - BBC October 2017external image n_africa_mid_east_pol_95.jpg


BBC - Syria

Use this graphic organizer to complete the Syrian Story

Provide a summary of the paragraph from your group notes from the Syrian Conflict Story

Civil War
War Crimes
Chemical Weapons
Humanitarian Crisis
Peace efforts
Proxy War

Syrian Civil War Explained

Syria Oct 6 2015 - Syrian Skies Crowded With Multiple Air Forces

Let the Russians Fight ISIS?! Why should we care?
Political Cartoons
More on Syria below - From the MUN Syrian Civil War Intervention 2011-2012

Reflection on Terrorism Unit

  • Must be typed/ or neatly written( do not skip lines)
  • Completed work must be no longer than 1 typed page w/ spacing 1.5
  • Pay attention to paragraphing!!
  • 1 full page of thoughts without paragraph breaks= a rant not a reflection!

This reflection is an opportunity to you to discuss what you have learned about terrorism from completing number of activities in this unit.
The writing piece should reflect upon the major topics of the unit displayed in your timelines /freedom fighter or terrorist presentation/research/dialectical journal/interview etc.
Remember to check spelling and grammar

Extra Credit – Bring in a copy of Dr. Seuss “The Butter Battle” for tomorrow’s/next class


Timeline Alternative Assignment

More on Dealing with Terrorism

"The U.S. today, as a result of the arrogant atmosphere, has set a double standard, calling whoever goes against its injustice a terrorist. It wants to occupy our countries, steal our resources, and impose on us agents to rule us."

Osama bin Laden - 1997

Boko Haram

Choices Study Guide-Part II
Study Guide Part II - Diagram

Netanyahu on Terrorism & Iranian Nuclear Threat

More on SYRIA - From Beginning of Syrian Civil War

Syrian Civil War Explained
The revolution begins(video 29. min)

BBC on Syria

Get the Facts on Syria
BBC Facts on Syria
external image syria-lebanon-map1.gif

Note: What countries border Syria? Who are Syria's trading partners/friends? How does Syria deal with Israel?
Check the CIA World Fact book: Click Syria

Perceptions of Bashar al Asad - President of Syria

Image Detective: Pose Questions, Make Observations, Draw Conclusions, Share with Classmates - Post on your wiki Terrorism Page

external image syria-and-world-press-disagree-598x499.jpg

external image syria_cartoon_bashar_assad_killing_nation_I_had_to_sacrifice_Syrian_nation_to_save_the_regime.jpg

History of Syria From 1960 to Now

Eyewitness to Free Syrian Amy at Homs

Who is Bashar al Asad?

  • Learn more about the Syrian President & his followers & opposition.

  • Follow the headlines on the BBC link to gather information on the Syrian Govt ( the link is also embedded on the graphic organizer

BBC Links - Bashar al Asad

  1. What is Bashar al Asad's official position on who is at fault for all of the bloodshed in Syria?
  2. Should Syria's situation be considered a civil war?
  3. What do Syria's neighbors say about the increasing violence?
  4. Who is allied with the Syrian Government?


Frayer Freedom Fighter - w/examples

Map Middle East
Modern Terrorism Presentation

Sept 11th resources