Russian Revolution


Handout for classroom - Russian Empire at Turn of 20th Century

The Russian Civil War 1917-1920
The Russian Civil War 1917-1920

What do you know about the Russian Empire previous to the Russian Revolution in 1917?
  • Russian was originally part of Triple Entente - Allied Powers
  • Supported their fellow Slavs, Serbia in their struggle against Austria-Hungary - "Pan-Slavism"
  • Germany declared war on Russia 1914
  • Russian lost half of it's army & was defeated at the Battle of Tannenberg- lacked guns & ammunition!
  • Russians had lost last 2 wars due to inadequate technology - Crimean War(technical stalemate)1854 & Russo-Japanese War 1904-05
  • Czar Nicholas II had already had problems w/ Revolution of 1905 - "Bloody Sunday" -see Ch 10.4
  • Nicholas II had taken steps to industrialize - still had more to accomplish - Russian Empire immense- see map 252 for infrastructure

Your Recollections of "Nicholas & Alexandra" ??

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biography of Last Russian Emperor

Read the Inside Story on the power of the "Mad Monk" - Grigori Rasputin
How did he influence the Russian Court?

12.3 Russian Revolution 1917

Russian Civil War

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DR. Zhivago
The Army Revolts

Zhivago returns from WWI

Russian Civil War/In Their Shoes Assignment

In Their Shoes -
Write a summarizing paragraph for both viewpoints - RED or WHITE

Terms for 12.3 - To help you study for the Quest this week on WWI & Russian Revolution!!

Event Chart - Russian Civil War - 1917 to 1920 or some historians would argue 1917- 1922.

Finding the Romanovs

Life Under Lenin
View the clips on the link above - Vladimir Lenin
Clip #1 Lenin & the Communist Party
Clip #2 Death of Lenin