EQ1 Who should determine who does and does not get to have WMDs?

EQ2 Why would countries want to have nuclear weapons?

EQ3 Do nuclear weapons make the world a safer place?

EQ 4 Is it possible to un-invent any object deemed too dangerous to exist?

EQ5 How can weak countries protect themselves from powerful country?

EQ6 Should there be a limit on scientific development?

EQ7 What makes a country powerful?

  • Identify key terms: nuclear weapons, WMD, Proliferation, Treaty, Unilateral, Deterrence

Missile Sites.PNG
Living with Missiles in America's Heartland - I lived in the city of Lincoln, NE

Missile Silos in Midwestern America - MrsH lived right next to Offutt Air Force Base - then known as Strategic Air Command (SAQ)
Missile Silos in Midwestern America - MrsH lived right next to Offutt Air Force Base - then known as Strategic Air Command (SAQ)

Hiroshima: Then & NowPhoto
Choices Reading Part I: The Problem of Nuclear Weapons - Mark up graded
  • The Cold War & Nuclear Arms Race
  • Deterrence
  • Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Arms Control
  • End of the Cold War

Hiroshima: Then & Now Photo Gallery
Video: "White Lightning/Black Rain"
Watch & create a video dialect journal - same style as was used in Vietnam- Cold War DJ(copy machines were down)

J Robert Oppenheimer - Quote & 1 minute video - "Now I am become Death"

Soviet Tsar Bomba + Commentary

Events in Cuba - All part of the Cold War!

Nuclear Proliferation - Part of the Cold War!

external image Cuban-Missile-Crisis-750x615.jpg

Bay of Pigs Invasion

Kennedy Administration 1960 response to Cuban Revolution

Cuban Missile Crisis

external image 1962_cuban_missile.jpg

external image cuban1.jpg

Choices - Cuban Missile Crisis

3 films - Castro, Kennedy, Khrushchev

Cuban Missile Crisis - Soviet & Cuban Perspective

Khrushchev wrote:

You are disturbed over Cuba. You say that this disturbs you because it is ninety miles by sea from the coast of the United States of America. But. . . you have placed destructive missile weapons, which you call offensive, in Turkey, literally next to us. . .

I therefore make this proposal: We are willing to remove from Cuba the means which you regard as offensive...Your representatives will make a declaration to the effect that the United States...will remove its analogous means from Turkey. . . . And after that, persons entrusted by the United Nations Security Council could inspect on the spot the fulfillment of the pledges made. . . .


Discuss with your partner - Perspective & possible Bias

Brace Yourself for Survival of Thermonuclear Warfare

What to do in the event of an attack -Create your own personal Bomb Shelter & How to
Duck & Cover

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But it's not all funny videos!

Testing "Mike" - the hydrogen bomb 1952

Doomsday Clock
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Doomsday Clock
Choices Nuclear Weapons Program

Choices Experts Chart Nuclear Weapons

Russians - Sting 1984
Lyrics - Russians
Ronald Reagan early 1980s called the Soviet Union "the evil empire" & continued the buildup + new missile programs
Ronald Reagan early 1980s called the Soviet Union "the evil empire" & continued the buildup + new missile programs

The Brink of Apocalypse 1
This series of videos gives the details of the "Able Archer" incident in November of 1983. During which a near nuclear catastrophe was almost caused by the routine testing of nuclear communications systems. The new Soviet leader, Yuri Andropov formerly the head of the KGB spy network, was convinced that the American missiles were about to be launched from the new locations in western Europe. With the deployment of these "new & improved" weapons, the NATO alliance & the United States could attack the Soviet Union in a matter of 8-10 minutes. Calmer heads prevailed when the Soviets realized it was just a test. This incident was classified for over 20 years.

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2016 Map + Questions

Nuclear Weapons Map 2013.PNG
Proliferation or Non-Proliferation

Iran Nuclear Deal #1
Zakaria's Interview

What's Next??
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Iran Nuclear Deal
India vs. Pakistan

UN Nuclear Disaramament
WSJ - Iranian Missile Tests May 2016
CNN - Iran Missile Tests 2017

Unconventional Battlefields - Hollywood is at it again!
FYI: This 1980s film "War Games" showed that the world was indeed in danger of thermonuclear warfare due to a computer glitch. It didn't win any Oscars, but was a classic among teenagers of the 1980s , I ought to know. Fun fact: This movie came out in April of 1983 approximately 6 months before the "Able Archer" Incident. Yes, that is a very young Matthew Broderick or Inspector Gadget.

Doomsday Timeline w- full explanations
Smashing Pumpkins Video - Doomsday Clock
Iran Nuclear Deal #1
Zakaria's Interview
6 big questions

JFK consults with Eisenhower on Cuban Missile Crisis just before his address to the nation

Isai Hashimoto's time lapse Photography - does not include North Korea which leads you to question this site. The list below does verify the testing done by the United States, but is by no means - complete proof of the number of US explosions. Working on the number of explosions for the other countries involved.
US Nuclear Test Sites
Inline image 1
Inline image 1