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Terrorism(This PowerPoint is a bit involved but it does review the groups)
Define terrorism and what terrorist acts look like. - See your own Terrorism timelines for review!
Munich Olympics in 1972
Key terror groups
· Al-Qaeda
· Taliban
· Hamas

What is the difference between Terrorist group and freedom fighter?
Check through your notebooks for the Terrorism Timeline - located on the Student Notebook pages
Read through/Skim your Choices Reading Packet on Terrorism from September

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Cold War
Truman Doctrine
· containment
Marshall Plan
· economic resources to aid in fighting containment of communism
Berlin Crisis (wall)
Iron Curtain
Korean War
· 38th Parallel
Vietnam War
· 17th Parallel
· Ho Chi Minh
· My Lai Massacre (innocent killing of civilian women and children by US troops)
NATO /Warsaw Pact
Fall of Soviet Union -
What action led to the end of the Cold War?
· Berlin Wall comes down
· Perestroika
· Glasnost ( the breakup of the USSR or Soviet Union can be found in Chapter 15 of the Legacy textbook)
Review your position papers for the Cold War

Cuban Revolution

Fever Model of Revolution,Fidel Castro, Fulgencio Batista, Cuban Revolution of 1959, Che Guevara, Raul Castro, Mariel Boat lifts

Nuclear Proliferation

See the Choices Readings Part 1 & 2
know your vocabulary - deterrence, proliferation, containment, mutually assured destruction, nuclear arms race
This topic is an offshoot of the Cold War - Follow the links for Nuclear Proliferation page - especially the Bay of Pigs & Cuban Missile Crisis - you have your notes from Cuba in your notebook

United Nations( There could be something very general here- we started off with this)
Know the history of how & when the United Nations began
Universal Declaration of Human Rights - Who wrote them & what do they include?
Study the organs of the UN - Security Council, Secretariat, General Assembly, Economic & Social Council (EcoSoc), International Court of Justice, Trusteeship, - Here is the link that will help you out: