For those who need to review further: You can learn of the decline of the Ottoman Empire in brief on the Nationalism page. After that see WWI for the redrawing of the map. This will bring you to this point.

Essential Questions:

  • How do changing perceptions of places and environments affect the choice of people and institutions?
  • Can people live in peace together when deeply held beliefs and views are in conflict?
  • Should the international community play a role in helping countries establish self-determination?
  • Is violence justified ever justified?
  • Can people live together when strongly held beliefs are in conflict?
  • What are the challengeg when dealing with deeply divided groups are in conflict?
Timeline - Jewish History Timeline- Palestine since 1915
Zionists Historical Timeline + Leadership Links
external image post_war_iraq.jpg
external image post_war_iraq.jpg

Churchill's White Paper

British Mandate for Palestine - July 24, 1922 - League of Nations

Origins of Conflict - Map Study #1

Get the Gist: The Creation of Israel Legacy Ch 17.3 pp.552-553
What happened to the British Mandate?
What was the UN's plan for the creation of Israel?

The Creation of Israel 1947

Israel 1947.JPG
BBC Maps

Partition Plan, Israeli Declaration of Independence

Population Statistics

Arab jewish population in Israel Palestine 1914 to 2005
Arab jewish population in Israel Palestine 1914 to 2005

Historic division of israel west bank gaza strip 1948 1967
Historic division of israel west bank gaza strip 1948 1967

1967 to 2006 - That's a lot of time - Examine the maps & readings to better understand the situation today.

Choices - Partitions of Israel-Palestine
Nat Geo Interactive Map
Israel - 6 Day War.JPG
Here are the links to the Readings - listed chronologically
external image 5f14f204-97b7-41a0-99d3-e6d1a2b16a50.png

external image suez1a-blockade_1814901i.jpgexternal image %25D9%2582%25D9%2586%25D8%25A7%25D8%25A9-%25D8%25A7%25D9%2584%25D8%25B3%25D9%2588%25D9%258A%25D8%25B3-590x395.jpg
  1. The Establishment of Israel to the Six Day WarOctober of 1956, the ongoing struggle for the contested land Israel/Palestine took yet another eventful turn.
Who would control the Suez Canal? In between the Israeli War for Independence and the Six-Day War came this "little" crisis that got the world
s attention. Read to find out how this conflict ended
2.Suez Canal Crisis(War) 19563.Six Day War & Arab Rejection+ Map for analysis below
Territory Changes After Six-Day War

oil production graphs
Graph of Effects on Oil Production

4. Yom Kippur Reading link found here
Sequence Chart



Graph of Effects on Oil Production

Signing of the Camp David Accords

After negotiating for approximately 14 days in virtual seclusion at Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland,
Israel and Egypt finally came to agreeable terms and signed the historic peace treaty known as the Camp David Accords. This came about as a result of the dogmatic devotion of President Jimmy Carter.
external image 78620-004-AE3D4BEA.jpg
external image publishable.jpg
Sadat and Begin both parties agree on the framework for the conclusion of a peace treaty

35th Anniversary of Camp David
Listening sheet for Camp David Accords Interview w/ Pres. Jimmy Carter here
Begin & Israelis
external image diplomacy-reporting-5-728.jpg?cb=1349720621
6.. The Struggle for Palestine here's the google doc
Choose an organizer

BBC Links - Map Study

PBS Timeline of Middle East - "Shattered Dreams of Peace"
external image summit6_t440.jpg?9e2a24ba44807f8f9b96aad7c4082bf6ded075dc

Oslo Accords Explained

Examining Bias

Video Journal: Israel & Palestine: Introduction

Palestinian Bid for Full Statehood in the UN Security Council - Dec. 30 2014
Text of dialogue - UNSC members & Palestinian delegation
Recap of the UN Security Council Vote

Raising of the Palestinian flag as a Non- Member State at the United Nations

UN Vote to Condemn Israeli settlements - 2016

Timeline Israel/Palestine since 1948
Annotated Timeline 1948 to 2001

UN Resolution 242/ 338
Detailed Map of the West Bank -

external image israelofferslandforpeace.jpg
external image shrinking+palestine.jpg?token=qYnrl72%2BHbxsnbzguxH3XWcHkYY%3D
external image Palestine.gif

List of Transition Words

National Geographic Parts 1-4

Guide Questions for the National Geographic videos -


Persuasive Rubric -

What's Next????

Comparing Viewpoints & Letter

CNN on Gaza Nov 19, 2012
CNN Gaza - March 5, 2014
Huffington Post - March 5, 2014

Resources - Saudi Arabia - First King of Saudi Arabia - King Abdulaziz ibn al Saud
external image SAROYALS_GC.jpg

Transjordan - loses British Mandate by declaration of independence 1946 - King Abdullah I

Syria - French Mandate - 1946 Independence
Ilan Peppe

Sadat, Qaddafi, Hafez Assad circa 1971
Sadat, Qaddafi, Hafez Assad circa 1971